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 Connect to Aion Infinite

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Get an account

You will need to register on the forums here at InfiniteAION. Your forum username and password will be your in-game username and password!

Installing Aion
Please follow these instructions. It will save you and us a lot of time.

1. Download the NCSoft Launcher. Click Here
2. Install Aion with the NCSoft Launcher.
3. Load the game using the NCSoft Launcher.
4. When you have reached the login screen, close the game. This step is very important because it means your computer is able to run Aion! The NCSoft Launcher will fix any DirectX issues you might have as well.

Connecting to InfiniteAION
You must have successfully launched the game using the NCSoft Launcher before you can proceed!

1. Download the InfiniteAION Launcher. Click Here
2. Extract the file and place the file named IALauncher.exe in your Aion directory. Usually: C:\Program Files\NCsoft\Aion\
3. Run our launcher.
4. That's it! If you are running a different version from what we support, our launcher will repair your client automatically.
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Connect to Aion Infinite
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